Step into the world of PROCIT, where tech expertise meets a hands-on approach in software development. We are your go-to all-round software integrator, specialised in crafting custom software solutions for both public and private organisations. Our grounded attitude and genuine interest across the entire spectrum of software development has defined our solid presence in the international IT industry. With our completely in-house team that proudly boasts 25 years of collaboration from hybrid offices we provide you with excellent skills and support across borders and timezones. You can count on us.


What sets PROCIT apart is not just our commitment to efficient solutions, it’s the way we have done it since we started in 1999. We have seamlessly combined the benefits of in-house teams in both the Netherlands and Asia, all directly employed by us, creating a dynamic synergy that fuels our success.

Picture a team of proficient problem-solvers who know the ins and outs of system integration and development like the back of their hand. We ask the right questions so we can bring the brightest ideas, brilliant innovations and best answers to the table. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide practical and personalised solutions that make sense for your unique needs. This also includes the latest AI innovations. We’re not afraid to shake things up, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

We can design an application from the ground up or expand on your existing software – the choice is yours, the experience is ours. 

"Working at PROCIT really bridges the gaps on so many levels. I'm amazed when I think about the distance between our desks, as the connections are so close. At the end of every working week I conclude I've learned a lot - again."
Conny Bamfield
PROJECT leader


Our journey is one of steady growth and adaptability. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve learned to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology without losing sight of what matters most – delivering solutions that work for you. Whether you’re a public organisation dealing with governance and security challenges or a private company aiming for a technological upgrade, PROCIT has your back, every step of the way.


Software development

Full stack software development for both on-premise and cloud environments. Both open source and Microsoft stacks are fully supported. The latest AI technologies are fully leveraged to take your solutions to the next level.


Full service integrations between any systems you need. Based on custom coding or existing integration stacks such as Microsoft Azure.

Operational support

Full support of your system environment whether it be on-premise or Microsoft Azure cloud-based.

Powerful Partnerships

We've had the pleasure to build relationships with companies across industries and backgrounds.
Here's a small selection:


With us, it's clear where you stand.



We are always exploring new ideas and technologies. We continuously invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. We make sure to stay at the forefront of innovation at all times, which means our customers will always use the latest and most appropriate technologies for them. Whether it be software development or AI.


Good value

The best solutions at a fair price. By being smart with our internal resources in both the Netherlands and Asia and forming strategic partnerships, we deliver quality without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and commitment to long-term value ensure our partners get the most out of their investment.



Strong infrastructures, rigorous testing, proactive security designs and quick issue resolution. We are a stable and secure ally that you can depend on. We’ve been around for a long time with dedicated staff that’s been with us through it all. That reliable backbone is evident at all times.


Don't just take our word for it, have a look at what one of our valued partners says about us:

"PROCIT has been there for us day and night for many years. In addition to providing us with 24-hours support and service on all our ICT infrastructure, PROCIT has become more for STC: They think with us on how to anticipate IT innovations both in short and long term. PROCIT is an excellent supplier of ICT to STC but also our in-house advisor. STC hopes to continue its partnership with PROCIT for many years to come."
Martijn de Jong
CEO Service Telefoon Centrale


We'll take you there, every step of the way.